Nourish to Flourish Database

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The Nourish to Flourish (N2F) is a database that is used to provide access to published data for Admin to search and add to their local data base. Start on the Menu Item tab on the left navigation bar, select the plus sign at the bottom right and click Search N2F


The ability to search by Name, Brand, GTIN, or Manufacture Product ID of an item. Filter the search by Contract Items Only, Meal Component and by Branded Items or Generic Items; items such as Produce/Milk.


A list of products will be displayed if searching by Name or Brand, but one item may appear when searching by GTIN or Manufacture Product ID. From the list select the item you want to add, review the information, and select add in the top right-hand corner.

If an item is on a preconfigured contract or if the item is an Exclusive Brand, there will be a $ icon tag in the Notes column. A checkmark in the Notes column indicates that the item is already in the Local Database.



Once added the item will now show in the local database, there you can make any necessary changes to the item. Please note that some Manufacture provided information will not be editable. 

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