Reviewing Product Updates from Manufacturers

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YesGDSN Connect

GDSN Connect has a flexible notification system in which notifications to users can be triggered from a wide variety of activities. When one of the source items is changed (or deleted) and it has different values from those in the user’s item, a Change Notification is triggered. 

Manufacturers can make changes to a product for improvements or to discontinue a product. Changes can include but are not limited to Product Image, Brand Name, Manufacturer, Manufacturer Product ID, 
GPC Classification, Ingredients, Allergy Information, Nutrients, and Meal Pattern credits, and Serving Size Weight or Serving Size Measure.

District Admin will be able to accept or deny changes made by manufacturers, to address any changes made click on the Menu Item tab on the left navigation bar then select the paper icon and select Review Item Updates. 

Viewing Items That Have Updates


Reviewing Changes

Viewing Items That Have Updates

To review these notifications, go to the Product Updates section available on the side menu.


On the page, you will see tabs that can be used to filter the data. You can choose to filter by Item Name, Item ID, Menu Item Name, Menu Item ID, Update Date, Source, DEX ID, and Update Info. 


You'll also see the number of Unresolved Changes



Discontinued Items:

  • Find a replacement item manually, by searching Equivalents and/or searching N2F/Vendor Catalog to find a new item.

Item Info: 

  • Product Image: Review and accept if you like the new image.
  • Brand Name: Review and accept.
  • Manufacturer: Review and accept.
  • Manufacturer Product ID: Review and update any other records outside of the system you may have.
  • GPC Classification (GPC Code) + Procurement Category: These are changed together.  Review and accept if this changes how you want to track from a Procurement or Inventory perspective.
  • Country of Origin: Review and if new Country of Origin is acceptable, especially if it goes from US to non-US as the source.
  • Ingredients: Review if new Ingredients and accept.


  • Review updates, especially looking for any new Allergen Types that were added to the list with claims of “Contains” or “May Contains”. Accept Allergen updates and decide if you need to replace the product if there’s a new allergen that’s problematic.


  • Review updates, especially looking for any significant changes to the Calories, Sat. Fat, Sodium, and any other nutrients that are important to you and your students/parents.
  • Also review the values for the meal pattern credits and adjust as necessary. However, if they don’t appear as round values, that may be ok because they may have been scaled to match the nutrient serving size and will properly scale when you put on a menu.

Reviewing Changes

Start by selecting one of the items shown on the screen, a pop-up will appear displaying all the item's information. There will be a red exclamation point on the tab where information has been updated. If multiple sections have been updated you will see a red exclamation point next to each tab.

It's recommended to review all tabs and for small changes.

mceclip2.pngClick the tab displaying the red exclamation point, there you will see what information has been changed indicated by a green check mark and Red X. This will allow you to accept the change made by the manufacturer or decline the changes made. 


After you accept the changes for that perspective Tab the red exclamation point will go away confirming you have reviewed all updates for that section. You will need to do this for all Tabs displaying a red exclamation point.


Once changes have been accepted all of the Updates for each tab you'll see "Resolved" next to the item on the review page. 


You will need to do this for all items that show they have updates. 



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