Manually Adding New Non Food Items

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YesGDSN Connect

GDSN Connect supports the addition and import of non-food items so districts can account for non-food items in their inventory counts. Non food items include:

  • Do not appear in the Item Database like other food items
  • Are not available for use in recipes and on menus
  • Can only be imported, searched in the K-12 Data Exchange, or manually added from the Vendors module (the Vendors module is only available to District Admin users)
  • When searched for, non-food items will have a fork and knife icon (mceclip0.png) under the "Meal Components" header to denote that they are non-food items 

1. On the Vendor module select the vendor name you want to add the item to. For this example, we will select Gordon


2. Start by selecting the Item tab, then the plus sign and Add New Item


3. A pop up window will appear; select if it's a Food Item or Non-Food Item. A red asterisk will be on all items that are required, but it's best practice to fill out as much information as possible for all tabs. Item Info, Nutrients & Meal Components, Inventory Setup.


4. Select Save & Close, your added Item will appear.


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