Menu Compliance Check

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Menu Compliance Check

While in the Base Menu module you can check your menu for compliance by going to the far right and selecting Compliance. Check


On the Compliance Check tab, you can review the averages over the week of the Base Menu, which include Weekly Meal Components, Weekly Nutrient, Weekly Whole Grain-rich, Juice, Dessert, Milk Served, and Weekly Vegetable Subgroup.


In addition to the weekly averages, the Compliance Check reflects the Child Nutrition Programs: Transitional Standards for Milk, Whole Grains, and Sodium Final Rule, specifically related to whole grain-rich, sodium, and milk requirements. 


Menu Compliance Report 

Menu Compliance is a report intended to be used by Menu Planners to document compliance with program guidelines during an Administrative Review. The Menu Compliance Report covers a single week in the Base Menu and will provide users with a report of Items details for any items input onto a Base Menu. To access the Menu Compliance Report, on the base Menu Module, select the paper icon, then select Menu Compliance Report.




Posted Weekly Menu gives you a PDF copy of your weekly menu this can be posted in the cafeteria or printed out.


Please note that CNCentral is not a USDA approved nutrient analysis software used to conduct nutrient analyses for an Administrative Review. In addition, the recipe functionality for calculation of meal pattern contributions (crediting amounts) is being provided as a convenience to users for informational purposes only. This feature has not been approved by USDA and it is the responsibility of the user to validate that all calculations related to meal pattern contributions are correct.

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