Navigating Help desk

In this article, we will discuss how to navigate Zendesk

From the homepage, you can access the Search bar, Sign in button, Navigation tabs, Help button, Promoted articles and Submit a ticket button. The Sign-in button is used for our customers to sign in, to view comprehensive articles on how to navigate the software. The Search Bar allows users to search for content rather than browse the website using the given navigation options. Using the search bar is quicker to find what you are looking for by using keywords. The Navigation Tabs are used to narrow down your search by clicking on the designated option. For example, if you need more assistance with Recipes, you can click on the Guides Navigation Tab, this will take you to a thorough list of guides to help direct you through the software tools. The Help button is used to do a mini search of the articles you may be looking for. Promoted articles are articles that have been deemed as necessary, especially for our new customers. Submit a ticket is used after you have tried to search and explore the guides to try to find an answer to your question. This creates a ticket that will be sent to our support team to answer. 

*Best practice is to save the Zendesk homepage as a favorite, so you always have access to it. 


You can also access Zendesk from CNCentral and GDSN Connect by clicking on the homepage and clicking on any one of the hyperlinks in this section. 

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