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Updated as of 1/2022

CN Labels and CN Label Information uploaded by the manufacturer and housed in GDSN will come through into CNCentral automatically for an item in the Item Database and be available for Menu Planners to access/review when necessary. This information will be available to be viewed when adding an item to the Item Database via GDSN Connect search and once the item is in the local Item Database. When an item does not have CN Label data entered by the manufacturer in GDSN and therefore that information is not available in CNCentral, Menu Planners have the option to tag an item as having a CN Label, enter a CN Label number, enter a CN Label Expiration Date, and upload an image to be stored with that item to access when necessary.

When an item in the Item Database has a CN Label and CN Label data attached to it, that CN Label will be printed as part of Admin Review Report. 

Data related to CN Labels that Menu Planners are able to input or upload are: 

  • CN Label flag - true or false
  • CN Label image - .jpeg or .png formats only
  • CN Label # - text field
  • CN Label Expiration Date - date field 

All data related to the CN Label can be found in the Documentation section of the Nutrients & Meal Components tab of the Item Detail. 


When the CN #, CN Expiration Date, and CN Label flag = true comes from the manufacturer, these fields will appear in CNCentral as read-only. When that data is not provided by the manufacturer, it will appear as an open text field, date field, and flag so users can update accordingly. 

Regardless of whether the CN Label data came from the manufacturer via GDSN, users will be able to delete a CN Label image or replace a CN Label image once the item has been added to the local Item Database.




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