GDSN Connect - Process Overview

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Welcome to GDSN Connect! Here's an overview of the process of using GDSN Connect for Cycle Menu Planning.

  1. Obtain login credentials for all staff who will need access to GDSN Connect.
  2. Setup all Vendors in the Vendor Database.
  3. Obtain a product list of all purchased items by Vendor. 
    1. Preferably have a GTIN for all purchased items, but at minimum a Vendor Item Name for each item.
  4. Upload Vendor Items using the Vendor Item Upload tool. 
    1. Search GDSN for any uploaded items not matched.
    2. Search Generic Database for any generic items not matched.
    3. Correct any data errors.
    4. Process Upload.
  5. Review Item Database for completeness and accuracy.
  6. Tag Equivalent Items for procurement purposes.
  7. Create Recipes using imported Items.
  8. Add Recipes and Items to Base Menus for each meal session and grade range for each week in your cycle menu.
  9. Download Admin Review Report as needed from the Base Menu Module.
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