Adding Vendors

Users are required to configure all vendors purchased from including primary vendors, produce vendors, dairy vendors, etc as one of the first steps when beginning to use GDSN Connect. This is a one-time process unless customers add new vendors during bid changes.

  1. Go to your Vendors Module by clicking on Vendors from the left hand side menu bar.
  2. Find the (+) sign at the bottom right corner and Select "Add Vendor".
  3. Choose Vendor: In the drop-down menu labeled "Select Vendor," you'll see a list of preloaded vendor names. If your vendor isn't listed, choose "Other" and type in the vendor's name then select [Save & Close]. Repeat this for all your vendors to ensure accurate data matching.

NOTE: For Co-op Members, when opting for a predefined co-op vendor, users will encounter the selected contract available for addition when adding a new vendor. Click [Save & Close] to save.

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