CNCentral > Why Does my Menu Compliance Say I'm Serving 2% Milk When I'm Not?

Updated as of 10/2021

There is a known issue with the 2% Milk compliance check flagging when a recipe that contains 2% milk is used on a Base Menu or the Menu Calendar. CNCentral is erroneously counting 2% milk in a recipe as a milk choice for students. This issue is known and is in the queue for fixing. However, in the mean time a work around exists if you have recipes on your menus that contain 2% milk and therefore have a compliance issue with your milk in the Compliance Check tab from your menu worksheet.


To change your recipe so it doesn’t make your compliance off when added to a base menu or the menu calendar:

  1. Click on the recipe that contains 2% milk as an ingredient from the Recipes Database
  2. Click over to the the Ingredients & Directions tab and turn the manually override toggle ON and click Save mceclip0.png
  3. Then go to the Nutrients & Meal Components tab and remove the milk component by clicking the red X mceclip1.png
  4. Click Save to save your changes or Save & Close to save your changes and close out of the Recipe mceclip2.png

Note: When you update the recipe in your recipes database, anywhere that recipe appears in the future (tomorrow or after) will automatically update. There is no need to delete this recipe off a menu and re-add it. 

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