CNCentral > If I Update my Base Menu, Does That Update the Menu Calendar Automatically?

Updated as of 10/2021

At this time, updating a Base Menu does not update the Menu Calendar automatically where the menu has been copied out. Instead, the user will have to delete the old menu from the Menu Calendar and re-copy out the Base Menu to push out any changes made to the base menu. 

If you've made a change to a Base Menu and need that change to be reflected on the Menu Calendar of one or several of your buildings:  

  1. Make the desired changes to the Base Menu
  2. Delete the weekly menu(s) from the Menu Calendar that you'd like to replace with the updated Base Menu (for instructions on how to delete a menu from the Menu Calendar, click here)
  3. Go back to the Base Menus database and click the three dots icon of the Base Menu you'd like to re-copy out
  4. Select Copy to Menu Calendar and fill out the required fields 
  5. Click the Copy button when ready

Note that only District Admin (DA) users will be able to edit base menus. Only DA users and Building Admin (BA ) users with menu editing capabilities will be able to delete a menu from the Menu Calendar.

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