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Changes made to recipes can automatically trigger an archival process only if that recipe appears on any future menu or on a base menu. The archival process is triggered because changes made to recipes that appear on the menu calendar in the future will automatically get updated with the change to the recipe saving the menu planner time in pushing out recipe updates. However, when that recipe appears in the past, generally we don't want to change the integrity of that past recipe because we assume that all ingredients were used and directions were followed when that recipe was actually made and served. Therefore a record of that recipe must be maintained.

In order to have an accurate record of what was served, CNCentral  automatically creates an archived copy of the original recipe (recipe before the changes) and tags it as "Inactive" so it doesn't appear on the list of Active Recipes. However, the recipe is searchable if the "Include Inactive Recipes" flag is enabled so menu planners can have access to the recipe as it was prior to being updated.

Once a change is made to a recipe and the user goes to save that change, CNCentral will open a pop-up message which asks the user what date or date range they'd like the changes to go into affect on. This message will also notify the user that a copy will be saved and marked as inactive. This warning message looks as such: 


To trigger the archival process and save changes to the new recipe, the user will select Save and the archived recipe will only be viewable from when the Include Inactive Recipes flag is enabled:


Users can re-activate inactive recipes at any time by clicking the three dots additional information icon and selecting to Active:


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