Navigating Syndigo and Solving Error Messages

Updated as of 10/2021

Syndigo has updated their system and has automatically generated fields that may not be applicable to your products and may be causing an issue with data flow between Syndigo and 1 World Sync. With these fields left empty, it is not allowing the products to properly sync with 1 World Sync and therefore schools will not receive your products.

When in Syndigo, even if a readiness score reads at 100%, we may not be receiving all items. Items that have been received, will be marked as [Synchronized].

To fix this problem, we have worked with our supplier partners to learn the proper steps to find and fix values that may be causing issues.

Please note that the issue in this example/guide may not be the same issue or error message that you are experiencing, this is simply a guide to show you how to find and remove the error should that be the reason for the data not coming through into 1 World Sync.

Please download the attached guide and follow the steps to determine if your product data is subject to this identified issue.  


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