CNCentral > Why Isn't My Item Searchable From a Menu Worksheet?

All items in CNCentral are first added to the item database. Once they appear in a users item database, they can be added as ingredients in recipes and are available to add directly to menus. There is an exception to this, however, with items that are tagged as "Only Ingredients". Items in the Item Database that are tagged as "Only Ingredients" will not be available to add directly on the menu (base menu or menu calendar) and will not appear from the menu worksheet from the Add New Item button or Advanced Search button. 



Ingredients in Searched Recipes, when added to the local Recipes database, will automatically get tagged as "Only Ingredients". Users can enable or disable the "Only Ingredient" flag at any time by selecting the flag or deselecting it and that change will immediately get applied. Once the flag is deselected, the item will be searchable and available to be added to the menu worksheet.

The "Only Ingredient" flag does not affect how those items are searchable as ingredients to recipes. 


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