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CNCentral allows menu planners the ability to plan complex menus where only certain sides are planned with certain entrees. This could be if a school has two (or more) different lines or if a menu planner wants to offer a certain side with a certain entrée but doesn't want it to be an option as a side with all entrees. This is possible through Associated Sides. Using Associated Sides in CNCentral, the required components and weekly nutritional compliance are analyzed accounting for this more complex style of menu planning so menu planners don't have to worry about doing the math manually. 

Sides are associated with entrees from the menu worksheet. This can be done from either the Menu Calendar or the Base Menu.

In the example below, we'll be associating a side of French Fries with a Cheese Burger. The fries come with the burger and are not available with any other entrée offered on this day.


To associate a side with an entrée: 

  1. From the menu worksheet, locate the side you'd like to associate with an entrée mceclip0.png
  2. Click on the Associated Entrees down-down and select the entrée you'll be associating this side with mceclip2.png
  3. When all entrée associated with this side have been selected, click the [Apply] button mceclip3.png

Associate a Milk with an entrée:

With Milk you want it to be associated with all entrées, because this allows for the proper crediting.mceclip0.pngAny Milk item that is associated with one or more specific entrées, you'll see the ( i ) icon with the message that says: If any Milk item is associated with an entrée, then all Milk items should be associated with entrée to ensure proper crediting. This may include selecting each and all entrée from the Associated entrée list (instead of simply selecting All entrées). mceclip1.png

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