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Sites setup within CNCentral that are Production Only Sites (site produces items that are served and claimed at other sites) or Hybrid Sites (site produces and serves its own meals while also producing meals that are served at other sites) will automatically have Roll-Up Production Records generated for any instance where multiple site menus to be produced at the Production Only or Hybrid site exists. The Roll-Up Production Record will allow the user to see the sum of all the quantities planned and served across all sites, while also maintaining individual quantities from each Serving Site. 

Roll-Up Production Records are found from the Menu Calendar of the building preparing the meals. Two reports can be run and generated for buildings that are Production Only or Hybrid Sites that would need a rolled up report for production and tracking purposes. These reports are not available at Traditional Sites or Serving Only Sites

  1. Roll-Up Production Report
  2. Serving Site Tracking Form


Other production reports active and available to run for Roll-Up Production Records are: 

  1. Meal Kit Reports
  2. Choosi Reports
  3. Recipe Reports

These reports appear exactly as they would for a regular non Roll-Up production report. 

Roll-Up Production Report

The Roll-Up Production Report provides a comprehensive account of what items are planned and produced by the Production Site for each of it's associated Serving Site's Menus on a given day for a given Week. There is a report for each operating day of the week and the report lists out all menu items categorized by Entree, Side, Milk and Miscellaneous with a breakdown of how each menu item gets divided between the associated Serving Sites.



Serving Site Tracking Form

The Serving Site Tracking Form is a report of items (Entrees, Sides, Milks, and Misc.) to be delivered and checked off at the Delivery site. It provides a record of what was delivered, at what time, who it was received by, and what what received. Each page of this report details all items received for each daily menu for each site. For example, if a Production Site is providing meals for 2 Buildings which each have 2 different menus each day of the week (a Grab N Go menu and a Traditional menu) then this report would have 20 pages (5 days per week x 2 buildings x 2 menus/building). 



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