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In the instance that two generic items share a purchase unit, CNCentral will automatically pair the two items purchase units' together and there be only a single purchase unit record. An example of this could be:

  • Item 1: Beans, Black (Turtle), Canned (Heated) (Per Pound)
  • Item 2: Beans, Black (Turtle), Canned (Unheated) (Per Pound)

These two items have a common purchase unit of:

  • Beans, Black (Turtle Beans), Dry, Canned Whole (Case of 6 #10 Cans)

CNCentral pairs these two items together using the Purchase Unit ID that is automatically assigned to each purchase unit when the purchase unit is entered (either manually or via upload) into the Item Database. In order for CNCentral to be able to establish this connection between items, the Vendor, Vendor Description, and Vendor Product ID must match. These three fields will always match when the items are added to the item database BUT all are editable. This means that if you want two generic items in your Item Database to share a Purchase Unit, you must add both items to the Item Database before making any edits to the Purchase Unit. 

*A future enhancement may allow a user to select an existing Purchase Unit to add to an Item.

Using the example above, in the Vendors module in CNCentral, a single Purchase Unit will display two Inventory Setups where you can input the correct inventory setup for each item. Any changes made to the Inventory Setup of each item will also be reflected in the Item Database for the respective item. 


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