How to Use Release Notes

Release notes explain new features added, issues resolved, and improvements to CNCentral, Daily Wrap Up app, and Choosi. They support the process of maintaining end-user experience, user guides, and training materials and are in important way of communicating updates made to end users and internal staff alike. 

In this Section, you'll find information regarding the latest releases including:

  • Date of the release and when the changes will take effect
  • Software product affected
  • New feature details
  • Enhancements and improvements made
  • Issues/bugs fixed

You can refer to his section when you see changes made to the User Interface (UI) or have been made aware of new releases either by inTEAM or via a notification of an upgrade when you login. 

After reading release notes, if you still are unsure how to utilize a new feature, don't understand the updates/enhancements made, or think there is a bug in the software you can contact our support team any time by submitting a ticket.  

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