Building Manager - Pulling Meal Kit Reports for Day of Production

  1. Login to CNCentral
  2. Go to your Menu Calendar and click on the "Production Record" link on the day of the month you're wanting to pull a Meal Kit Report for
    1. You may need to filter the Menu Calendar view for the building, date, and meal session you're looking for
  3. From the Production Record, click on the Reports icon (paper image) on the top right-hand side of your Production Record and click on the “Meal Kit Reports” hyperlink
  4. Click the dial for the desired report then click the “View Report” button
  5. Scroll through report pages by using the arrows or click the disc icon and select a document type to download this report into for printing

Note: Although meal kits span multiple meal sessions, you only need to pull production reports for one of the meal sessions and all items included in the kit will be displayed in the reports.



Report Descriptions


Report Name



Production Report

Displays satellite site total production plan for that day across all meal kit types.

Pull report each serving day for information on production

Meal Kit Assembly Instructions

Displays what goes into each meal kit for assembly and number of meal kits to prepare. Also includes instructions for staff as to how to assemble kit.

Pull report each serving day

Inventory Pull Sheet


Displays how much inventory to pull from stock room for the entire day’s production.

Pull report each serving day for information on inventory

Recipient Notes Report

Goes inside each prepared meal kit to show parents the expected contents, quality assurance checks, and instructions. The information contained in this report is entered by the menu planner when configuring meal kits.

Pull report to print out one packing list sheet per meal kit planned

Satellite Site Feeding Tracking Form

Allows Cashiers to record how many meal kits were receive and delivered to student for claiming purposes

Pull report each serving day


For more detailed information about pulling day of production Meal Kit reports, download the quick start guide here

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