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The "Edit Menu" flyout allows the menu planner to edit the basic structure of the base menu that was determined when the base menu was created. This includes editing the menu name, grade range, and operating days. Menu planners can also delete the entire base menu from the "Edit Menu" flyout. Only District Admin (DA) users will be able to make edits to a base menu.  
To edit the base menu from within a Menu Worksheet 
  1. Click the "Edit Menu" flyout 
  2. To edit the menu name, overwrite the existing menu name
  3. To edit the menu grade range, click the drop-down menu under the Grade Range header and select the desired grade range
  4. To edit the operating days, click to either select or de-select the days of the week you'd like enabled or disabled from showing on the menu worksheet
  5. Click the "Save" button to save changes to this base menu
    1. If you do not want to make any changes, click the "Cancel" button to retain the old base menu data
    2. If you want to delete the entire Menu Worksheet, click the "Delete" button then select "Delete" to confirm the action requested. Deleting a Base Menu is a final action and cannot be reversed. 


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