Administrator - CNCentral > Item Database Advanced Search vs Search Item Buttons

When adding items to your item database, you are given two options - Add New Item and Search Item. Below is a description of what each button does.

  • Add New Item button - The Add New Item button allows you to manually create an item in your item database. Adding an item manually requires you to enter all item attributes (meal credits, nutrition information, serving size, GTIN, etc.) as they do not come from the GDSN database. For instructions on manually adding an item to your item database, click here.
  • Search Item button - The Search Item button allows you to search the different connected databases (GDSN, Generic, etc.) for products and items to add to your item database locally. Items that are added via the databases will bring in all associated product attributes eliminating the need for you to do this data entry manually. For instructions on searching the databases to add an item to your local item database, click here
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