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Updated as of 10/2021

During the initial on boarding and setup phase, there are several pieces of data you will need to provide your inTEAM consultant so they can get you, other members of your team, and your district setup correctly and working efficiently in CNCentral. The attached spreadsheet provides you with a template of what data will be required. Instructions for filling in the spreadsheet are below:

  1. Download this spreadsheet
  2. Scroll from sheet to sheet and fill in with your districts data
    1. Building List Sheet - Complete this sheet first as all building names entered will auto-fill into sheets 1-4
    2. B,L Avg Participation Sheet - Fill in the projected breakfast and lunch participation numbers for each building. CNCentral will apply these numbers to base menus when copied out to allow managers to quickly review instead of having to enter manually.
    3. Staff Accounts Sheet - We'll create accounts to CNCentral for everyone on this list so they can login according to the level of access the need which is based on their job title.
    4. Building Groups Sheet - Building groups are setup to make copying base menus a one step process for like buildings. For example, if you have the same menu at all elementary schools and want to setup an elementary school building group, copying a base menu into all elementary schools can be accomplished by using a building group copy. Select the appropriate group for each building from the drop down list.
    5. Production Configuration - This sheet applies to CNCentral customers who have central kitchens or who have buildings in the district who act as kitchens for one or more other buildings in the district. Provide the names of all central kitchens or buildings that prepare food for other buildings and what sites these kitchens provide food to as well as the time frame. By not filling in the start and end date, the assumption will be the timeframe is current and ongoing.
  3. Erase the example (bold text)
  4. Send to your inTEAM consultant


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