How do I register?

How do I register? 

Students who attend a school that has Choosi mobile ordering do not need to register. Rather, they will already have an account setup in the system. Initial usernames and passwords are automatically created for all students and the first time login credentials  for each student will be:

Username:  [studentfirstname][studentlastname][2 digit day of birth]

Temporary Password:  [2 digit month of birth][2 digit day of birth][4 digit year of birth]

Example temporary credentials with a student whose name, as registered with the school, is Jennifer Thompson with a birthdate of March 5, 2009.

                             Username:  jenniferthompson05

                             Temporary Password:  03052009



If you are having trouble logging in using the formula above, please contact your Choosi administrator at your school or submit a ticket to the Choosi help desk.  

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