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Updated as of 10/2021

The Daily Wrap Up app can run on any Android tablet with an 8" screen or larger.

Suggested tablet models include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8” (SM-T290)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" (SM-T350)

The newer version of the tablet is at - (https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Galaxy-Android-Tablet-Black/dp/B07VDB92RK/ref=psdc_1232597011_t1_B08B8NCVBL).

If alternate tablets are desired, check with inTEAM for compatibility.

** Note - For US Foods/Premier customers, tablets may be available for procurement through their own suppliers at a competitive price. For many, this may be considered a micro-purchase, which allows a customer to utilize Premier pricing without having to do a competitive bid.

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