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inTEAM has been well known in the School Food Service industry for over 30 years as a respected resource of child nutrition programs. inTEAM was founded in 1994 by two of the most respected professionals in school foodservice, Dot Pannell-Martin and Gertrude Applebaum. The vision of these award-winning Child Nutrition Directors was to apply their decades of knowledge and experience in creating standardized foodservice systems to help schools develop successful school meal programs.

The vision has not changed, the menu-centric philosophy remains and has evolved. Now we’ve gone digital with new tools to help folks meet the challenges of HHFKA, providing access to thousands of menu plans with complete supporting data including pre-cost estimates and Administrative Review documentation.

The foundation and core for inTEAM is, and has always been, Menu Planning. The driving philosophy has been to optimize operations with that core. inTEAM has developed unique ways to leverage and re-purpose basic menu planning data to drive many other mission critical applications including pre/post costing, pre-filled production records, forecasting, inventory, and KPI's.

As with all software, we strive to adapt and meet the needs of customers while ensuring compliance. In each of our engagements, our customers have gained the benefits of inTEAM’s key competitive advantage: Re-purposing data from School Food Authorities for a myriad of State Agency compliance and business requirements.

With Cncentral users can continuously monitor daily and weekly compliance in real-time as they build their menus instead of spending time on manual data entry tasks most other software applications require.  The system allows users to analyze “complex menus” (e.g., food court style cafeterias and menus), accounting for multiple meal combinations to accurately assess meal pattern compliance that may be flagged during administrative reviews. ‌



About CNCentral

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