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Building Manager - Production Record Inventory Tab

CNCentral will calculate the number of inventory units site staff will need to pull to prepare the items and recipes on a daily menu. It will also adjust to account for what was actually prepared for the day for each item and recipe on a daily menu. This information will only be available if Inventory Unit (IU) and Purchase Unit (PU) information is entered into the Item Database for an item prior to it being added to a recipe or weekly menu. If data is not entered into these fields, the Inventory Units to Pull will be NULL. Many of the items in the GDSN and Generic Databases have IU and PU information already associated with the product and this information will be pre-populated if it exists and has been published by the manufacturer of this product to the GDSN database.

Inventory is located in the Inventory tab from the Production Records Module. The inventory is dynamic and will adjust in real time based on the planned number of servings. If post production data is entered, the inventory amounts will update based on the actual portions served. The post production data will take precedence over the pre-production data if entered. For example, if a school is planning to prepare 100 servings of pizza the # IU’s Pulled will be based on the 100 planned servings of pizza. If what actually gets prepared and entered into the post-production tab is 90 servings of pizza, the # IU’s Pulled will overwrite the calculation based on 100 to 90.

Instructions for entering inventory information can be found in the attached document. 


Inventory in CNCentral.pdf (400 KB)

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