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Bulk Ordering Process for Teachers

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The attached document can be provided to teachers who will be placing meal orders in the Choosi website for their students. 


The instructions are also detailed below: 

  1. Click on the Sign In button on the top right-hand side of your screen
  2. You’ve already been setup with an account. Your username is your school issued email address and your temporary password is Choosi123 (case sensitive). Enter your credentials into the Username and Password fields and click the Sign In button.

Note: The first time you login, you’ll have to enter your temporary password, create a new one, and accept the terms and conditions. 

  1. By default, you’ll see the current days menus each time you login. If you need to switch the ordering day, click the arrows next to the calendar icon to scroll between days. Breakfast meals have a Breakfast tag to the left of the menu item name and lunch meals have a Lunch tag. You can see the entree name, description, and what’s included for each entrée available for pre-order.
  1. Enter the total number of meals you’d like to order for each meal and meal session. Click the Submit Order button for each meal session.

Note: You’ll be asked to confirm the order and will see an order summary prior to the order being placed.

  1. Submitted orders are indicated by a check mark to the far right of each entrée displayed. If you need to cancel a placed order, you may do so but you will NOT be able to re-order for that meal session. You will need to contact your districts Food Service Department directly.
  2. If you need help using Choosi, you can click the help button and submit a ticket to our support team direct from within the website or you can email us at
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