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Choosi teacher bulk ordering does not support any meal customization. Rather, the order placed is for everything described in the description and added as a required item in the combo. Due to this, menu planners need to correctly configure milks in the Choosi Combos module and on the weekly menu worksheet to accommodate for the requirement that a variety of milks be offered, for the compliance to be analyzed correctly, and for the production records to accurately reflect the number of milks planned and served.

When configuring Choosi Combos for bulk ordering:

  • In the Item Choices tab, make sure the milk flag is not enabled (this flag is by default not enabled).
  • On the Combo Info tab, make sure to include in the description of the Choosi combo that it comes with a variety of milk or choice of milk.

When adding Choosi Combos for bulk order to weekly menu worksheets:

  • Use the blue plus sign button to add the milks you plan to offer directly to your daily menus for each day of the week. Add all options you plan to offer. Repeat for each day of the week.

Note: When using teacher bulk ordering through Choosi, Food Service Directors should plan on sending a variety of milks to each classroom so that students can choose the type of milk desired. 

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