Administrator - Configuring Choosi MTO Meals

All items and recipes that go into Choosi combos must exist already in either the item or recipe database. The instructions below assume all entrees and sides have already been created. 

  1. Login in to
  2. Go to the Choosi Combos module from the left hand side black menu bar by clicking on "Choosi Combos"
  3. Click the blue plus sign button on the bottom right hand side of your screen and click the "Add MTO Sandwich" of "Add MTO Salad" buttons as necessary
  4. Enter a Combo Name and Number into the corresponding boxes. Select the drop down under meal session and assign a meal session for the Combo. Click the "Save and Continue" button when all data has been entered
  5. From the Combo Info tab, enter into the corresponding fields: 
    1. Combo Customer-Facing Name (this will appear in the Choosi app as the entree name a student selects)
    2. Combo Description (this will appear in the Choosi app under the name)
    3. Optional: Upload a photo for the combo (this will appear in the Choosi app as the image students see)
    4. Optional: Select from the drop down list up to 3 logos (this will appear in the Choosi app on the order screen for the corresponding combo)
    5. Optional: Enable the Reimbursable Meal Check flag (requires students to select a fully reimbursable meal in the app before being allowed to check out)
    6. Optional: Enable the Display Missing Components flag (displays any missing components on the customer label)
  6. Click over to the Item Choices tab and click the blue plus sign button on the bottom right hand side of your screen. Select from the choices which category of the MTO sandwich or salad you want to add items to as options for students to select in the app. Categories for MTO Sandwich are Meat, Cheese, Bread, Topping and Side. Categories for MTO Salad are Lettuce, Protien, Topping, Dressing, Side. 
    1. Type in the item name you wish to add into it's respective category. When the search bar returns the results you're looking for, click on the item name. Enter the appropriate serving size for the item
    2. Enter a usage factor percentage (entered as a number only, the percentage sign isn't necessary) and click the "Add" button 
    3. Repeat as necessary for all available options for all categories
  7. Optional: Enable the Display as options within App flag (this will make milks a choice in the app when added directly to a weekly menu)
  8. Optional: Click over to the Nutrients & Meal Components tab and review
    1. You may need to click the "Save" button before the nutrients and meal components will display
  9. Optional: Click over to the Staff Directions tab to enter any directions to staff for preparing the combo
  10. Optional: Click over to the Usage tab to view where this combo appears on weekly menus if applicable
  11. Click the drop-down menu of the "Save" button to select "Save & Close" to save this combo and close out the combo detail pages
  12. Repeat steps 3-12 for each combo meal you'd like to configure

You are now ready to add this MTO combo to a Base Menus or the Menu Calendar. For information on adding combos to Base Menus or the Menu Calendar click here.

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