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CNCentral allows menu planners to create their own standardized recipes to add to their Recipes module for use on menus or add already created recipes from USDA and several suppliers to their Recipes module for use on menus. 


When adding new recipes to your recipes database, you are given two options - Add New Recipe and Search Recipes. Below is a description of what each button does.

  • Add New Recipe button - The Add New Recipe button allows you to manually create a recipe in your recipe database.
    • Adding the recipe manually requires you to enter all recipe information (name, recipe #, meal session, yield, serving size, ingredients, directions, etc.).
    • The ingredients in your recipe will all need to be manually added in the quantities you specify. Additionally, all ingredients in your recipe should first be setup as items in your item database. 
  • Search Recipes button - The Search Recipes button allows you to search for pre-defined recipes such as those from the USDA Recipes database and those from several different supplier partners of inTEAM such as Tyson.
    • Pre-defined recipes that are searched for and added will all be created with generic products as the ingredients in the recipe and those generic items will get added to your local item database automatically when you add this recipe to your recipe database.
    • If any of the generic items that are used in the recipe are items you already purchase, you may need to swap out the generic items for purchased items from your item database. 
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