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Note: This article is intended for use by Menu Planners and those CNCentral users with District Admin (DA) level access. Building Admin (BA) users will not be able to edit the items in the Item Database but are able to make certain edits to items once on a menu in their building. The edits that can be made by a BA user are dependent on the level of access the BA user is given which is determined by the Menu Planner. 


Some items in the GDSN and Generic Item Database may be missing the creditable components associated with that item. This is due to suppliers not uploading this information into the GDSN database that CNCentral pulls from. You may need to enter this information manually if it is missing so the item will contribute towards the meal pattern accordingly. To manually enter meal credits for an item in your local item database, please follow the steps below: 

Note: Meal Credits must be added to an item in your local item database. You will not be able to add credits to an item when adding it to a menu if it's an item from the GDSN or Generic database. 

  1. Locate the item from your local item database. Click on the item name.
  2. Click on the Nutrients & Meal Components tab.
  3. Click on the + Add More link under the Meal Components header.
  4. Select the correct meal component from the drop down list, enter the creditable amount, and select the correct unit. If the item credits towards multiple meal components, repeat this process until all necessary credits have been assigned. 
  5. Click the Save button to save your changes to the item in your item database. 

Note About Items That Can Credit as More Than a Single Component 

If the item can contribute towards more than one meal component (such as beans that can credit as a M/MA or a Vegetable Legume) you will need to decide which of the components this item is most likely to contribute towards on most menus. If you use this item on a menu as a different component than how it was setup in the Item Database, you'll have the opportunity to select an alternative meal component for this item once it has been entered onto a menu. 

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