Building Manager - Weekly Posted Menu Report

The weekly posted menu report displays all entrees, sides, milks, and condiments listed on the menu for the entire week. Under each item on the posted menu is a listing of carbohydrates and allergens contained in each item. This is useful for nurses and concerned parents of children who need this information for diet and health reasons. 

Sample Posted Menu Report:


To pull the posted menu report: 

  1. Login to CNCentral
  2. Go to the Menu Calendar and filter for the date, school (if applicable), meal session, and menu for the menu you'd like to pull a posted menu report for
  3. When you've located the correct menu, click the "Menu" hyperlink on any of the days of the week you're pulling the report for to open the menu worksheet
  4. From the weekly menu worksheet, click on the report icon (mceclip1.png) on the top right hand side of the menu worksheet 
  5. Click the "Posted Weekly Menu" option from the list of report options
  6. To download and print the report, click the drop-down box next to the disk icon. Select the file format you'd like to download the report to
  7. Follow the instructions for printing from your computer
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