Gathering Vendor Reports

In this article, we'll guide you through generating Vendor Reports for Labatt, US Food, and Sysco, or any other vendor, providing you with the essential insights to enhance your data synchronization and streamline your operations.

The data necessary for uploading and matching to an item in the Nourish to Flourish (N2F) Database can typically be obtained through standard reports provided by your distributor. While a "Velocity Report" commonly contains the required information, not all vendors include all the necessary attributes in their Velocity Reports. Additionally, other reports such as an Order Guide or occasionally a Nutritional Report may contain the correct information needed for this purpose. These reports serve as valuable resources for ensuring accurate and efficient data synchronization with the N2F Database, facilitating seamless integration and enhancing operational effectiveness.

Vendor Reports:

US Foods Velocity Report

Sysco Velocity Report

Labatt Velocity Report

GFS Velocity Report

For all other Vendor Reports you can request the necessary information using this sample letter to your vendors: Sample Vendor Letter Requesting List of Items.

Within this sample letter, the GTIN (or UPC code) is crucial. It's like the magic key that helps with the automatic matching process. But if a GTIN isn't provided, don't fret. Other details such as Brand, Manufacturer Product Code, Pack Size, and Net Weight become more important in assisting with accurate product identification.

Prepare for Report Upload:

After obtaining the report, transfer the information into the Vendor Item Upload Template. Access the most recent version of the template through this article: Vendor Item Upload Template.

Alternatively, you can locate it directly within the application by following the download link provided in the initial step of the Vendor Item Upload process.

Once you have your Vendor reports and have copied over the data to our Vendor Item upload Template follow instructions in the Vendor Item Upload article to upload item into GDSN Connect. 

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