Recipe Search

This brief tutorial offers straightforward instructions on how to navigate the Recipes tab, perform searches in the N2F Database, and delve into comprehensive recipe information. Discover efficient methods for reviewing recipe specifics, including details, ingredients, directions, and nutritional components.

1. Click on the "Recipes" tab on the left-hand side.

Click on the [+] sign and select "Search N2F Database" from the menu.
Enter Search Terms like "beef," "chicken," or more specific terms such as "Chicken tenders" or "Baked Spaghetti."

Browse through the search results and click on the name of a recipe that interests you.

Toggle seamlessly between the Recipe Info, Ingredients & Directions, and Nutrients & Meal Components tabs to delve into the comprehensive details:

  1. Recipe Info Tab: Access details such as recipe name, recipe number, meal session, weight/measurement, yield, recipe category, and HAACP category.

  2. Ingredients & Directions Tab: Dive into information about ingredients, including total weight/measurement and inventory needed for each item. Review directions and any notes provided by the manufacturer or source.

  3. Nutrients & Meal Components Tab: Explore nutrition facts for a single serving, meal components for a single serving, allergens present in the recipe, and a breakdown of meal components and nutrition by ingredient.

Head back to the "Recipes" tab specify whether the item is an entree or side item.
Click on [Add] in the top right corner to complete the process.

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