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Equivalent Items refer to products with similar specifications that can serve as substitutes for each other. By tagging and storing these items in the Item Database, we streamline the procurement process, enabling teams to easily identify alternative options when making purchases. These items are also prominently featured in the Procurement Report.

To locate Equivalent Items within the Item Database, utilize the search function. Enter details such as name, purchase option, brand name, net weight, servings per purchase unit, serving size, and procurement category. The search results will present a list of items closely matching your query, with the most relevant options prioritized at the top.


  • Learn how to add an item to Local Database then Search and add Equivalent items.

This guide outlines the steps to:

Add Item to Local Database

View and Add Equivalents

 Search the N2F Database

Navigate to "Menu Items" tab.

Click on the [+] sign.

Select "Search N2F Database".

In the "Search by Name, Brand, Mfr Product ID, or GTIN" field, enter either "AdvancePierreā„¢ Fully Cooked Gluten Free Flame Grilled Beef Steak Burger, 2 oz." or use the GTIN: 00071421680508 for a specific search.

Click on "SEARCH".

Choose the desired item from the results.

Click on "Add"

Search for Equivalents

On the "Menu Items" Tab to locate the recently added item.

Identify the item and click on the three dots (...) associated with it.

From the dropdown menu, choose "Search Equivalents."

A list of items closely matching your query will appear, with the most relevant options at the top.

For detailed comparisons, click on the blue text of each item to view side-by-side information.

Select the checkbox next to the item(s) that are equivalent matches for your selected item.


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