Labatt Velocity Report Instructions

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YesGDSN Connect

The following steps are intended for districts using Labatt Food Service that do not currently have product information in their back-of-house software or have significantly outdated or incorrect product information. These steps will help you gather a report from your Labatt customer portal to be used in the Vendor Item Upload. 

If your district wishes to use the information currently in your back-of-house software, please visit the instructions for your specific back-of-house software’s import/export process. Import Export Using BOH Software

  1. Sign into your Labatt customer portal.
  2. Click the drop-down menu for “My Reports” and select “Six-Month Velocity Report.”
  3. Select a month to begin your report. The report will show your purchases from 6 months prior to the month you choose.
  4. Click “Export Data as CSV” and save the file to your computer. IMPORTANT: do not open the CSV file on your computer. This can cause the file to “break” and create issues during the import process.
  5. After the file is saved, the Labatt Velocity report can be used to upload into GDSN Connect. For instructions on how to set up the Vendor Item upload template using a Labatt Velocity Report.
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