Adding an Item that is not Linked

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In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to add an item from a catalog that hasn't been linked to an N2F item. Items not linked to a N2F item will have missing nutritional information. This is a common scenario for users who encounter unlinked items and need to incorporate them into their N2F system.

Users should see this screen when trying to add an item from a catalog that is not yet linked to a N2F item.

Begin by determining the type of item you're dealing with, whether it's a Branded or Generic Item. Generic items typically include products like produce.

1. After identifying the item type, click on the [Smart Search] button. This action will trigger the system to generate a list of items based on your input data.

2. Browse through the generated list and select the item that best matches your item's product information.

3. Click on the item to highlight it, then click on [Select]

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