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YesGDSN Connect

The instructions below assume that the users’ Districts are set up and users can sign into GDSN Connect. The homepage is where you can access the Sidebar to the left of the screen and the Dashboard. The Dashboard will provide you with quick links to help you get to the area you want to go to faster. On this page, you have quick links to our user guides, and helpful articles from our knowledge base to help you troubleshoot any issues you may have and answer any questions you may have on how to use this software.

The Sidebar is how you can navigate to the different modules inside of GDSN Connect. 

  • Menu Items:  Manage database of menu items/ingredients and search the N2F Database
  • Recipes: Manage database of recipes
  • Menu Sandbox: Build and pre-cost weekly menus to try out different serving ideas
  • Vendors: View vendors as well as manage database of inventory items; import items from vendor reports
  • Bid Management: Create sets of bid specification reports based on GDSN specs
  • Import Data: Import data from other software systems
  • Data Quality Checks: Review items with suspicious data
  • Product Updates: Review updates from manufacturers
  • Export Data:  Export data for use in other software systems

All modules will have filters and search bars to filter the amount of data you see. All data headers can be used to sort the data in each range you see additionally clicking on the data header will rearrange the data you see. On each module, you’ll see the [+] plus sign button to create a new entry.


Universally throughout the software is the ability to edit, delete, copy and view entries by using the 3 dots. In addition, you can view entries by clicking on the entry name.



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