Unable to log in to Daily Wrap Up App?

If you are having issues logging into the Daily Wrap Up app please try the steps below. 

NOTE: Local changes may be lost in this process, users can verify if local information has been synced by logging into CNCentral. 

The steps for forcing it to go online:

  1. Ensure that you’re in the Wi-Fi network
  2. Sign-out (if required)
  3. Go to the login/sign-in screen (The first screen when you start the app)
    1. You’ll see that the “network icon” is gray at the right-top
  4. Long press the “network icon”, a long press is just pressing the icon for 2 seconds and then “release your finger”
  5. A message will be displayed
    1. Reconnect to network
    2. “This action will delete all your local information, any change that you could have made while being offline will be lost. Are you sure you want to proceed?”
  6. Press “Yes- Reconnect”
  7. Wait until it finishes, the network icon should turn green
  8. Now you can continue as usual and introduce your credentials


* Local changes refers to quantities that could have been introduced to the production record.

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