Exporting Data from GDSN Connect for Import into Other Software

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This document provides a comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough of the export process, ensuring a smooth transition of your enhanced data. Within these pages, you'll discover how to efficiently transfer data from GDSN Connect, enriching your existing software with up-to-date information. To gain a visual overview of the complete export process, refer to the accompanying flowchart. By following this guide, you'll be empowered to seamlessly export your data from GDSN Connect into your familiar software environment.

The Software File Import (and Export) processes are used to keep product data in sync between GDSN Connect and a user’s other software application. These data exchange processes are designed to be ran regularly to keep the items up to date in both systems. Any new items will be added, and existing items will be matched and updated.

Other Guides

Overview of Software Export Process

NOTE: With the exception for Titan to review the export process follow instructions: Titan Export

Preparing for Export

For accurate data integration into your existing software, it's important to check for warnings before exporting. Use the options to select what data you need: All, Only New, or Only Updated. Many if not all warnings should have been addressed during the Import Process to GDSN Connect, for further assistance addressing warning following instructions here: Warning Definition

Export Data

To export, click 'Download.' Depending on the data volume, this may take a few minutes. Please avoid refreshing the page during the process. Once the file has downloaded it’s important to not open and save the file because this distorts the data. 

IMPORTANT: Data with an Inventory Values Invalid warning cannot be exported by users.

Import to Existing Software

Before proceeding with importing data from GDSN Connect into your existing software, it's essential to follow best practices to ensure a smooth process.

Best Practices:

  1. Start Small: Begin by exporting just one item. This allows you to verify that all the necessary protocols have been followed and that any errors have been corrected.
  2. Error-Free Data: Ensure that the item you choose to export is error-free and accurately represents the data you intend to import.

For detailed instructions on how to import data from GDSN Connect into your existing software, please refer to the following link: Importing Data into Third Party Applications


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