What are Catalog Errors?

Catalog Item Errors

GDSN Connect perform some checks on the Catalog Items themselves to make sure that there isn’t any confusion between the vendor and the customer, or how the product is setup in GDSN Connect.  These would ideally fixed in the Catalog Upload file prior to uploading. 

  • No Vendor Product ID - The Vendor Product ID is not provided for this item. This is the unique ID used by the vendor to identify that product.
  • Duplicate Vendor Product ID – There are two catalog items with the same Vendor Product ID.

Matching Items

For items that weren’t matched automatically by GTIN, or when the GTIN wasn’t published to the Nourish to Flourish Database, they must be manually search for and setup.

  • No Match - No item was found matching the imported information and searching the N2F Database for a Branded or Generic item is needed.

If an item is not found searching N2F DB, then the nutrient and other information can be added manually.  If the Catalog Item has a GTIN, then we can request that the manufacturer publish the product into the Nourish to Flourish Database.  

Data Quality Errors

Once an item has been matched to an N2F item (or setup manually), GDSN Connect automatically evaluates the item’s data to make sure that everything is needed for a member.

  • Bad Item Data – This item is missing critical attributes, such as serving site, certain nutrients, or inventory setup values. 
  • Discontinued Item – The associated item from the N2F Database is no longer present, usually when a manufacturer discontinues an item.
  • No GPC Classification – The item does not have a GPC classification setup, which is used to categorize an item in GDSN Connect and in a users’ system. 
  • No Net Weight - The item does not have a net weight entered, which is required for generic items.

Other Notes

These are some other options within the Notes filter to help identify items with other attributes; these are not errors.

  • Without Notes – Item has been matched to an N2F item and does not have any errors or other notes.
  • Contains USDA Foods – An indicator that shows that the item contains USDA Foods, either as a Direct Delivered (brown box) product or a Processed End Product.
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