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This article describes how to import item data back into PrimeroEdge from GDSN Connect. There are different processes depending on whether the item or ingredient already exists within PrimeroEdge, or whether it was added initially into GDSN Connect.  

To understand how attributes in PrimeroEdge are mapped to attributes within GDSN Connect, please refer to PrimeroEdge > PrimeroEdge-specific Information

Updating Existing Records

Once you have the data file generated from GDSN Connect (see Exporting Data from GDSN Connect for Import into Other Software), perform the following steps in PrimeroEdge. 

Step 1: Access Menu Planning

Start by selecting 'Menu Planning' from the main menu.

Step 2: Choose Global Catalog

Within Menu Planning, click on 'Global Catalog.'

Step 3: Select Pending Updates

Once in the Global Catalog, choose 'Pending Updates.'

Step 4: Upload Your File

Click on 'Upload File' and locate your GDSN Connect Export File. Then, simply click 'Upload.' In just a couple of minutes, you'll receive a confirmation message saying 'Upload successful.'

Step 5: Switch Data Sources to "Local View"

From the dropdown menu, switch to 'Local.'  

Step 6: Switch "Data Provider" to 3rd Party Sources 

Select '3rd Party Sources.' This will show you all the items that are currently in review from 3rd Party Sources like GDSN Connect.  

Step 7: Review and Apply Pending Updates 

The table shows you the list of all the Ingredients and Stock Items with changed attributes. To quickly  update all the items, select the checkbox at the upper left of the table to select all the items.  Then press "Review Selected" button on the bottom right. You will see another pop-up showing the list of records to  be updated. Press "Update Items" on this page to apply the updates to the records.


  • This will update only the attributes which are setup to be updated by default.  Any changed attributes which are not on the 'default' list will not be updated, and the record may still appear in this table.  You can review and change which attributes are updated by default by referring to this article: How to Change Import Attributes in PrimeroEdge (coming soon)
  • If you want to review any of the attributes prior to updating them, refer to the following section of this article: Review Attributes to be Updated
  1. Check the 'Select All' checkbox.

  2. Click on 'Review Selected.'

  3. Choose 'Update Items.'

  4. Confirm the update to apply the changes.

Review Attributes to be Updated

The Pending Updates table that shows the records that have changed attributes also shows how many attributes have pending changes. Clicking on the number will display a pop-up that shows the current values of those attributes alongside the new values, and you can decided to accept or reject the new values.  

For example, the 'Beef, Breaded Patty' has 25 ingredient changes from GDSN Connect. Clicking on the '25' will display the detail page for that ingredient.  


The Overwrite column to the right allows you to decide whether to accept the new value or not.  

Important Note: Nutrient updates come as a set. If you decide not to accept the serving size, the option to accept nutrients will be disabled.


Stock Items

Changes to the Stock Items are on a separate tab at the top of the page. The 'Stock Data' tab displays your data, allowing you to accept or reject changes.  


The 'Documents' tab will also show the product images and CN Label images from GDSN Connect. Accepting these will not automatically update the images used in your system; it simply adds those documents to the list of available documents that you can choose from.



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