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This article describes how to import item data back into Titan from GDSN Connect. It also contains instructions specific to Titan for exporting data from GDSN Connect. The process to update information in Titan uses Titan’s existing import functionality.  There are two distinct processes to follow depending on whether the records have already been setup within Titan or not:

To understand how attributes in Titan are mapped to attributes within GDSN Connect, please refer to Titan > Relationship to GDSN Connect Attributes

Setting Up New Items in Titan

If an Item has not yet been setup in Titan, please refer to the Setting Up New Records in Titan article. This process will assign an "Identifier" to the Item and then set it up within Titan. 

Updating Existing Items in Titan

If an item has already been setup in Titan and has an Identifier, then you can use this process to update that item’s Nutrients, Allergens, and other general item information like Brand, Manufacturer Product ID, and whether it's a Simple Recipe. At this time, Titan does not support adding or updating Meal Component or Ingredients.  

Miscellaneous Notes

  • It's important that the value in the "Identifier" attribute within Titan be the same as the value in the "District Item ID" attribute within GDSN Connect as this is how the items are linked between the two systems.  
  • Nutrients in Titan that were linked to an item from the CN Database will not be updated during the import. The import process in Titan will simply skip the update and maintain the linked nutrients regardless of what nutrients are setup in GDSN Connect.

Step 1: Download the files from GDSN Connect

  1. On the Export Data page of GDSN Connect, verify that “Titan” and “Updated Items” are selected in the combo boxes at the top of the page. 
  2. Select the items that you want to export.
    • NOTE: Items with warnings must be corrected before they can be exported from GDSN Connect.
  3. Press “Download” to download the “Item w/ Ingredients” data file that you will use to import into Titan.
  4. Save this file in a location that you can find later for the import step. 
    • Note that this file may be automatically saved in your Downloads folder.

Step 2: Import “Item w/ Ingredient” File in Titan

To import this “Item w/ Ingredient” file into Titan to update the values:

  1. Go to the Utilities tab and click on Data Import.
  2. Choose "Item w/Ingredients" as the Import Template from the options provided and press "Choose File".  Select the "Item with Ingredients" file that you previously exported from GDSN Connect.
  3. Verify that the column mapping names are identical between the Source File Column and the Target Template Column. Change Template Columns
  4. Select Start Import
  5. Once the import is completed, you’ll receive a notification.

If there are any errors within Titan while running this process, please submit a support ticket and provide the relevant files and error reports. 

How to Change Template Columns

  1. Select “Reports” from the Left-hand toolbar then select “Report Templates” tab.
  2. Find GDSN Connect template.
  3. Click on the pencil icon located next to the report.
  4. The parameters screen will open, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments. Scroll down to the columns sections and make adjustments.
  5. To save the changes made to the template, please click on the “Update Template” button.

To create a new template view instruction here Exporting Data from Titan.

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