Data Quailty Check

Data Quality Checks are a set of procedures performed on product data in GDSN Connect to ensure that the data is accurate, complete, and meets the standards set by the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN). These checks are essential to maintaining data quality and consistency, and they help to ensure that trading partners can rely on the product data they receive from each other.

Data Quality Checks are displayed automatically in GDSN Connect, it's best practice to check for updates once a week. This helps to identify and correct any errors or inconsistencies in the product data, which can improve overall data quality and reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions or errors.

Menu Planning

Inventory Tab

Procurement Tab

To check for Data Quality start by selecting Data Quality Check from the left-hand tool bar. There are 3 areas to check Data Quality: Menu Planning, Inventory Set Up, Procurement. For now we will focus on the Menu Planning Tab.

Menu Planning

The Menu Planning tab provides a comprehensive list of updated items, featuring crucial details such as Menu Item Name, Menu Item ID, District ID, Product Info, Serving Size, Meal Components, Nutrients, Allergens, and Warning Message. The Warning Message column will highlight any missing or required information about the item. Additionally, you can view the total number of Menu Items and the Total Number of Menu Items with warnings, providing a complete overview of the menu planning process.

To review updates on the Menu Planning tab:

  1. Choose an item from the list below.
  2. The pop-out window will open to the relevant tab where the warning is displayed.
  3. Update the required information for that tab.
  4. Click on [Save and Close] to save the changes.

Perform this action for every warning listed on each tab.

Once you have corrected the missing or needed information in the Warning Message column and hit [Save and Close], you will notice a message "Save to refresh warning". You can choose to save each item individually or all at once.

Inventory Tab

Inventory tab verifies that product descriptions, Net Weight, #Servings per Purchase Unit, IUs per PU, #Servings per Inventory Unit are correct before confirming the values.

  1. Ensure that the product information and attributes for each item are correct.
  2. Verify that the pricing information for each item is accurate.
  3. If any errors or inconsistencies are found, correct the editable blue boxes, then confirm the values. 

Procurement Tab

  1. For each item, choose an effective date and input the corresponding prices.
  2. Remember to save your changes regularly to ensure that all updates are properly recorded.

Note, the Item will disappear once values are confirmed. 

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