Adding Items to Bid Reports from the N2F Database

Bid Management allows users to search the N2F database to find and add items to the Bid. This search feature makes it easier for users to add items directly to a Bid by searching the N2F database, users can quickly find and select products that meet the necessary specifications, simplifying the procurement process. Overall, the ability to search the N2F database on Bid Management is a valuable feature for procurement teams seeking to find alternative options for the items on their bids.

To search and add items to a bid, start by selecting Bid Management from the left tool bar, then select the bid you want to add items to. 

Select the [+] sign at the bottom right corner and then select [Search N2F Database]

Here you can search for items based on Name, GTIN, Brand, Manufacturers Product ID.

Users can also refine their search by choosing to view only branded or generic items, meal components, and contracted items.

After entering the search terms, a list of items will be displayed. Users can browse the list or apply filters to narrow down the search results. The available filters include contract status, where a "$" symbol indicates that the item is part of the contract. These filters can facilitate the search process and help users quickly identify the desired items.

After locating the desired item, users can select it to view a detailed information page. After reviewing the information, users can add the estimated quantity and click on the [Add] button to include the item in the bid.

Well done! You have now added an item to your Bid specification report using the N2F database.

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