Transaction History Report

The Transaction History Report is essentially a list of all the transactions recorded for a specific site(s), Bin(s), Transaction Type(s), Status(es), and Date Range selected. This report is accessed in the Inventory module and instructions for accessing this report as well as a description of the data presented in this report can be found below:

To View Your Transaction History and Pull a Transaction History Report

  1. Login to CNCentral
  2. Click on the Inventory module from the left side black navigation panel 
  3. Click on the Transaction History button mceclip1.png
  4. Select the drop downs to filter for the desired data. You can filter by: 
    1. Site - determines which buildings will be included in the transaction history report
    2. Bins - if Bins are setup, this filter determines which bins (positions in the warehouse or storage area where goods are stored) will be included in the report. If Bins are not setup for the district, this drop down will not be active
    3. Transaction Type - determines which transaction types will appear in the report
    4. Date - determines the time range of the transactions you'll see in the report
    5. Status - determines the status of the transactions types you'll see in the report mceclip2.png
  5. All data will be displayed on your screen based on your filtered selections.
  6. To print the Transaction History Report, click on the report icon (mceclip3.png) on the top right hand side of the screen and select the Transaction History report link
    1. Note that the report will print based on your filtered selections
  7. Choose to export by clicking on the disk icon (mceclip4.png) and selecting the file type you'd like to export the report to mceclip5.png

Report Sample: 


Report Column Explanations:

  • Transaction Date/Time - documents the date and time when a transaction was initiated (time in local time zone)
  • Effective Date - documents the date a transaction actually occured
  • Description - inventory unit item description
  • District ID - the internal number assigned to an inventory unit when this information is entered (not a required field and some district don't have an internal numbering system for items)
  • Site - denotes which site the transaction occurred at
  • Bin - if Bins are setup, this column details which bin (positions in the warehouse or storage area where goods are stored) an inventory unit that has a transaction is in
  • Transaction Type - details what type of transaction was placed on an inventory unit (physical inventory, transfer, order, etc.)
  • Transaction Status - details the status of the transaction (completed, canceled, pending, etc.) 
  • Adj. Qty - indicates the number of inventory units that were added or subtracted
  • Inventory Unit - details what the unit of inventory is for an item (case, package, box, #10 can, etc.)
  • User - displays the staff members name who logged a transaction of some kind






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