Physical Inventory Report

The Physical Inventory Report can be generated for a specific site, bin (if applicable), and category to help a user perform a physical inventory of their stock in the different storage areas. The Physical Inventory Report can be run for all sites, all bins, and all categories or filtered for specific sites, bins, and categories. If Bins are setup, the Physical Inventory Report will sort the items by Bins. This report will generate a list of all of the Inventory Items based on the pre-determined filters and have a blank space for a staff member to write in the quantity of each inventory unit in storage. The intention of this report is to allow the physical inventory to be performed on paper and then be entered electronically into CNCentral. 

To run the Physical Inventory Report: 

  1. Login to CNCentral
    1. If you are a BA user with more than an single building assignment, select from the drop down the appropriate site
  2. Click on the Inventory Module from the left hand side black navigation panel mceclip0.png
  3. Click on the Physical Inventory button on the top right hand side of the screen mceclip6.png
  4. Use the Sites, Bins (if applicable), and Categories filters to filter for the exact data you'd like to see in the Physical Inventory Report, click the Apply button for each mceclip2.png
    1. If you want to run a Physical Inventory Report for all sites, all bins, and all categories, you can skip this step
  5. Click on the Reports Icon (mceclip3.png)on the top right hand side of your screen and select the Physical Inventory Report link
  6. To download and print, click the disk icon and select a file type to download this report to. Follow your computers instructions for printing  mceclip0.png

Below are the report column headers and meaning: 

  • Description - This is the item/inventory unit description as defined in the Inventory detail page or the Purchase Unit detail page.
  • District ID - This column is if a district has an internal numbering system for inventory items and that data is entered by inventory unit during district onboarding. If a district doesn't have an a District ID for items, this will be blank.  
  • Brand/MFR Code - This is the brand name as provided by GDSN. When a manufacturer code is available via GDSN, this information will appear as well after the Brand name.
  • Pack Size - This is the package size as defined in the Inventory detail page or the Purchase Unit detail page.
  • Counted Balance - This is intentionally left blank in this report so the user can fill this information in manually into the printed report and then enter that data electronically into CNCentral > Physical Inventory. This allows the user to perform a "blind inventory" so as not to suggest the quantities on hand to get an accurate picture of what's in inventory. 
  • Inventory Unit - This is the package type (case, #10 can, pouch, etc.) as defined in the Inventory detail page or the Purchase Unit detail page.


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