CNCentral > Why Are Some Items in My Search Highlighted in Yellow?

When searching for an item via the Search Item button in the Item Database, you may notice some items on the search results that are highlighted, appear on the top of the page, and have a logo displayed. Highlighted items in your search results are sponsored items which are sponsored by the manufacturer.


CNCentral menu planning and production is offered at an extremely low cost to make it approachable for smaller districts or those with a tight budget. One way we are able to do this, is through manufacturer sponsored searches. Similar to paid ads at the top of a Google search, sponsored items are paid for by the manufacturer in return for having a top spot on a search. They are based on key word search and will be displayed if a key word is entered in the search bar by the user. You will only three or less sponsored items if any at all when performing an item search.

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