My District Said I Already Have an Account in Choosi but When I Try to Login, it Says Invalid?

All Choosi student accounts are automatically created at any building signed up to use Choosi. If you are new to your school and/or district and have tried to login to Choosi but are getting an invalid account notification, it is possible that your information hasn't been updated into the district's student information system yet. It can sometimes take districts a couple of days to get student records input into their system. Choosi pulls data from that system into the Choosi system so accounts can automatically get generated without you having to spend any time registering, and this process occurs in an overnight sync.  


If you are new to the district and/or school and are receiving an invalid password notification, please wait 24 hours and try again to login.  


Your initial login information should be: 

Username: [studentfirstname][studentlastname][student 2-digit day of birth]

Temporary Password: [8-digit date of birth] in the format MMDDYYYY


If it has been several days since registering at your school and you are still unable to access your Choosi account, please contact Choosi Support. 

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