CNCentral > Adding a Time and Temperature to Roll Up Production Records

District and Building Administrator users are able to add a time and temperature stamp to a roll-up production record similar to how this record would be entered on a regular (non roll-up) production record. This is so this data can be documented and stored with the items and recipes on a roll-up production record. The time and temperature are recorded for all items/recipes on the roll-up production record but this is not separated out by building. Any record of time and temperature recorded will appear on the roll-up production record report. Instructions for entering a time and temperature stamp onto a roll-up production record are below: 

  1. From the Menu Calendar of a building that is setup as either a Production Only or Hybrid facility, click on the Production Record link of the appropriate day and menu mceclip0.png
  2. Locate the item on the PR that you'll be recording a temperature for and click on the thermometer icon (mceclip2.png)of the appropriate item/recipe
  3. From the flyout, enter the temp & time the temperature was taken. Click the checkbox to save the record.  mceclip3.png
  4. Once the check mark button is clicked, a second temperature and time record can be entered if necessary. When ready, click the Save button to save all changes


To Edit a Time and/or Temperature record, click on the thermometer icon of the appropriate item/recipe. Change the temperature or time and click the save button. Or, if you need to delete the record all together, you can do so by clicking on the delete (mceclip5.png) icon. 

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