Editing Recipes

Recipe info and recipe ingredients may be edited or deleted at any time in the Recipes Database. Any updates made to a recipe will automatically get updated on future menus which have that recipe added on to it. Users will also have the option to select the dates which they'd like the changes reflected only in which case, the recipe will revert back to it's original state outside of the dates selected.

To make an edit to a recipe: 

  1. Click on the Recipe Database from the left hand side black navigation panel 
  2. Locate the recipe you'd like to edit and click on the recipe name or the three dots icon off to the right side of the screen and choose to Edit 
  3. On the Recipe Info tab, edit any data desired. If you're editing the recipe Yield, you'll be given the option to scale the recipe ingredients to reflect the new yield.  
    1. Note: Unlike all other open fields on the Recipe Info tab, if you're editing the recipe Yield, you'll have to verify this change by clicking the checkmark when it appears to save the changes made
  4. On the Ingredients & Directions Tab, edit any data desired. To edit an ingredient quantity, click either the pen and paper icon (mceclip6.png) or the three dots icon (mceclip7.png) and click to Edit
    1. The pen and paper icon allows you to quickly adjust the ingredient quantity
    2. The three dots icon allows you to edit or delete and when Edit is selected, you'll be able to edit additional information for this item besides just the ingredient quantity
  5. On the Nutrients & Meal Components Tab, if the Manual Override toggle is in the ON position, edit any data desired. If the Manual Override toggle is in the OFF position, all data on this tab will be read-only
  6. When all desired data has been edited or deleted, click the Save button on the top right hand side of the screen 
  7. If this recipe is on a menu, upon Saving, you'll see an Alert message telling you the date on which the changes you made will go into affect. If you'd like to select the date or date range in which these changes will take effect, click the Select Dates button. If you want this change to be made to all future instances of the recipe on menus, click the Save button 
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